Posted: December 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

This is my attempt to journalize, catalog and follow my thoughts over the coming year (2010).  This past year (2009) was good to me in many unexpected ways.  Some may consider me an unemployed bum (true) and certainly most would consider me someone of little import (as it should be).  I prefer to remain that way.  The message – not the messenger – is what is important.  As one will see with my first post, on Authority, there are many false traditions we hold to as a body of people striving to create something good and lasting in the midst of what we see everyday.  Many – far too many – enjoy their paradigms amidst the false traditions because, among many reasons, it’s created a “lifestyle” which is and would be too hard to give up.

Winston Churchill once said: 

“Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth.  Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened.”

The reason this happens is because truth can be very uncomfortable.  Truth can hurt.  Truth is a double-edged sword.  While there are those who believe that “only that part of the truth which is uplifting” should be shared, I believe (currently, but do reserve the right to change my mind in the future) that this is false.  Truth is truth.  The ends never justify the means.  I seek for truth, “let it come from whence it may.

Where (not if) I err, I encourage and solicit corrections.  Where I stumble upon truth, I encourage and implore thanksgiving be given to the only true source of truth.  Comments are especially encouraged because I have found that it’s often the case that I learn more from the personal experiences of others than I do the content of some messages.  Comments guide the flow of discussion where it otherwise would never go, and I appreciate that.

I personally embarked (or, was I shoved?) on this journey nearly 8 months ago when I was laid off from a job in corporate America.  Eight months later, I’m still looking for work while loving the free time I have to study and seek after truth.  It is likely that you will never agree with me 100% of the time (let alone 10% of the time), but it’s my hope that I can “entertain strangers” and everyone else interested here on this blog and learn and continue to pursue this path to wherever it leads.

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