If you’ve clicked here, then you’re probably trying to figure out just who I am.  The answer to that question, unfortunately, isn’t important.  The “who” would only detract from the message and encourage either disdain on the one hand, or unnecessary acclaim on the other.  This is just another blog from a random person in cyberspace.  I am that random person.  I dedicate this blog to truth, “come from whence it may.”   I make no claims of being an authority on any subject discussed herein, nor any claims to anything else other than a wanderer here on planet earth.

Though I hope you either enjoy what I write, or find the thoughts nevertheless thought provoking, it is important to remember that the information is not about me, but rather the message and the process.  I started this blog for unknown reasons just prior to the calendar year 2010 officially coming into focus.  The main intent of this blog is to journal the ideas, thoughts and insights I’m currently experiencing and being led to, in one way or another.  This is about my journey.  My wanderings.  My experience.

Life is, after all, an intensely individual journey.  You must lead your life in your own way, and I in mine.  The scriptures, which are discussed in most of my entries, are little more than documented (albeit inspired) personal experiences.  The stories of Nephi, Abinadi, Moroni, Enoch, Paul, Moses, Isaiah, John and many, many others are stories which could easily have been found in their individual journals, were they to keep one.  They are stories about their life and their experiences with God.  Their stories, no matter how great, fantastic and awe inspiring, will not save you and will not produce any degree of exaltation for you.  Their writings are and were given in order to nudge us along a pathway whereby we may be recipients of a similar relationship with God.

God is not about programs or policies or polling or policing, but rather I believe He yearns to have an intimate, personal relationship with each of us.  Until we come to grips with that kind of personal relationship, and continue to live on the coattails of others, we will continue to miss out on the most fantastic journey this life can offer.

That journey is my goal.  This blog is part of that journey.  If you find yourself on a similar journey, I wish you the best of luck.  If you have yet to start that journey, then may wind find those dormant sails and take you on such a journey.

If you’re looking for a place to start, then I might suggest starting here (click here).  From there, enjoy and partake of whatever it may be that piques your interest.  Take and share freely, or throw it all away.  That is entirely up to you.  If it ends up being part of your journey, so be it.  If not, may you find your journey exciting and worthwhile wherever it takes you.

  1. LINDA says:

    Hey, can I get the free pdf of the “He Loves Me” book you mentioned. I’d like to see what it is alll about! Thanks

  2. Nobody says:

    I just emailed one to you, but here’s a link to the .pdf version of the 1st edition that I recently found.

    Just under the image is a small text box with a few links/downloads. There are a number of items that are free on Wayne’s site. You can find some under the audio library and elsewhere.

  3. Steve says:

    In another blog you said:
    Send me your email address. I have the text to the introduction to Woodruff’s biography typed up which puts this revelation into an interesting light, when contrasted against what he said in 1890. Think you might enjoy it.

    Could I also get a copy of that?

    Thanks, Steve

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