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Just wanted to give a heads up to whomever might be interested.  Today, Thursday 06/24/2010, Clif High of will be interviewed over on the Jeff Rense show.  Here are the details:

Show:  Jeff Rense Show

Day:  06/24/2010

Time:  8pm – 10pm Pacific Coast Time

Link for the show:

And, I also thought I’d add a brief note from a blip of the most recent Shape of Things to Come Report that was published this past Monday, which you can buy here (good read).

This was the conclusion of that most recent report.  I’d add more, but you really wouldn’t be getting the full picture of what they’re reporting and I’d be running up against copyright issues.  Clif undoubtedly goes through a lot of work (especially mental from what I’ve read of the processes and the actual information they see coming up so prevalently) to keep this project running and I’m not about to pirate his stuff for my measly post here…but I will pimp his interview.  This just gives a good glimpse of something and sets the stage for the interview.  I’ve only heard Clif High once previously on Coast to Coast AM, but it was well worth the time to stay up to listen to it.  No doubt this one will also be fun.  I’ll certainly be up listening, just to see what the Universe might be telling me, and would recommend it to anyone who might stumble upon this post.



“We (humans) are all doomed.  Not only at the personal level, but now, thanks to the rituals of TPTB, perhaps at the species level.  If ever there was a Summer of Change, this is it.  Here at HPH we choose large scale context labels for periods just as a convenience for internal discussions.  This year, 2010, has been labeled as the year of separation (completion of past trends).  The label of ‘year of separation’ has an internal context that includes the idea of [completion (of trends)] as well as [shift beyond transition].  Into ‘what’, has always been an issue, but setting ‘what comes next’ aside, we need to report that a number of people, including those of us here at HPH are undergoing changes that seem bent on ‘separating’ us from previous life trends, taking us in new directions.

“As part of a personal ‘separation’, I realized that interviews are a pain in the ass.  It takes time to prepare, and is draining of emotional energies to engage with the interviewer, and they most frequently, and most annoyingly, keep me up way past normal human bedtime.  Universe insists on this interaction, but I have always set limits *(such as refusing to do corporate interviews) that universe has allowed.  So George Ure and I are working on a new project over Summer … that I have labeled, “Umiak, the Conversation.”  We hope this will be a unique video presentation of a water carried bullshit session.  If we are not too shamed by our efforts, and do not perish in the experience, we intend to release a video sometime over Summer.  At least a portion of it will be placed on YouTube or other common internet carrier.  You are warned … if so released, view at your own risk as mystical initiatory processes will be engineered into this work (that’s our story, and we are sticking to it!).  We will let people know of the progress of Umiak, the Conversation, on our respective sites.  If the format is well received, we have further evolutions of the idea to present.  Thank you for your continued (although puzzling) support.

“Igor is currently wrestling with his own separation from previous trends of this life, as is George Ure.  Noting that many of the ‘friends and family’ of HPH are also undergoing this same sense of separation, including a willingness to put aside many long held positions, we are able to ascertain that this Year of Separation is a general trend out-and-about in the wilds of planet Terra.  And that the [summer of change] here in the northern hemisphere is a ‘good time’ to look at the past, the present, and the dubious future.  Those feelings that will naturally rise in such an examination need to be gnawed upon, and swallowed with a generous heap of acceptance … as universe is in charge of all that we experience, not ourselves, nor ‘random’ chance.  As humans, the manifesting circumstances are all challenges without any regard to whether we view them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  These challenges of separation will need to be faced, gnawed, and absorbed at individual and collective levels.  The process will not be easy, but then life is intended as suffering.  Nothing was ever learned in an ‘easy’ chair, and universe makes it just rough enough for us all.  Anyone saying that life is to be ‘easy’ is trying to sell you something … their particular delusion.  I am personally immune to such blandishments … just too damn full of my own delusions.  No room left for their bullshit.”

– Clif High, The Shape of Things to Come © June 21, 2010.   Pages 35-36.