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As I have previously mentioned, one of my preferred sources of news and commentary is from George Ure over at  Perhaps it’s his odd sense of humor, the fact that he – along with Clif from – are working on a “rickety old time machine” that trolls the internet for the collective conscious, or perhaps it’s the genuineness that comes across in many of his writings that draw me to that website.  I’m not really sure.

The past couple of years have brought on numerous phases of news and information with which I’ve aligned myself, most of which started out in Florida a few years back.  I was working in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay areas and had begun to year for some good friends with whom I could discuss things.  Interestingly, St. Pete is one of the most beautiful areas of the world I’ve ever seen – especially the soft white beaches just to the west of where I worked.  I would frequently spend my lunch hour (sometimes turned to nearly two hours) running along the old Gandy bridge that had been turned into a biking/running/walking route over the bay that connected Tampa to St. Pete.  I remember seeing sea rays jumping out of the water and doing various flips as I ran along that old bridge, and do wonder what the oil will do when it reaches its shores (should it indeed reach those shores).  My vagabondness had produced a number of moves in a short period of time – my wife and I have been married 9 years this summer and have lived in 6 different states during that time.  Most of those moves were a result of both my education and schooling and, most recently, the lack thereof.  It’s produced an environment where we’re never in a place long enough to establish roots, settle in and make good relationships.

Around this same time I began to hope for and pray for and seek truth.  I had either realized, or recognized the need to realize, that not everything was as it seemed, appearances detracting from the true nature of this or that thing.  And so, the universe has led me along an interesting path of – hearkening back to a recent topic – synchronicity.

So the changes led me from this, to that and other sources, to now George and Clif’s works.  And, though I pay less attention to their economic thoughts than their thoughts on life and the affects of our current course, it’s nevertheless one of those things I read fairly regularly.  With that, today, there was posted the following discussion on the topic of diaspora, which the rickety old time machine they run suggests will be a dominant theme in the coming months and years.  And, while I won’t post the entire discussion from their Peoplenomics website (a nearly 20 page discussion posted today on Diaspora and the potential reasoning behind its possibilities), the conclusion of the article – which was much lighter in nature than the rest of the article – I did find enjoyable and worth sharing, if only because of the need to remind us all to be “excellent to each other”, but also because I too have felt what they are discussing (which in and of itself means very little, just that there’s a certain level of awareness I need to pay attention to):


Outbreak of “Itchy Feet”

There may be something of an ‘itchy feet’ syndrome developing down at the cultural preconscious level, as I’ve noticed an increasing number of acquaintances either making plans, or at least laying out contingencies to ‘go mobile’.

Some, as might be the case behind Catherine Austin Fitts’ plans to ‘go mobile’ are based on ethical commitments to ‘walk the talk’ on cell phone towers and GMO foods. Her article on the decision “Plant It Forward “As for Years” [this is a good read and the author uses, interestingly enough, a couple of scriptures from the D&C] is definitely worth a read.

Others, like Clif who is making plans to ‘escape to sea’ should social or environmental issues make it necessary, are rearranging their lives to provide for high mobility.

And, after putting eight-years into our homestead here in East Texas, a desire to get closer to our kids in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and Arizona has been steadily working its way up the priority list.

It’s not universal, by any stretch.  A friend who just completed 20 years as a senior U.S. Army officer seems bound for his farm in rural Virginia…but maybe only for a while.

Not sure what the ‘vector of transmissibility’ is that seems to be afflicting Elaine & I, Clif, Catherine, and lots of others who mention in passing “I feel like I need to get moving…but I’m not sure where…”

It may be that the feelings of “Gotta get moving” will increase as we get closer to what are linguistically catastrophic times coming in November of this year.  Perhaps at some preconscious level we’re realizing at a ‘down in the soul’ level that we want to distance ourselves from coming events.  Maybe if it wasn’t an oilcano, it would be something else.

My #1 leading theories on this are presently that global bankruptcy ends so badly that the world descends into an ungovernable anarchy and as well as we have prepared, maybe we could do better; and being there for others like kids is a point to honor.

The other theory is that Gary Jules cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” touches an even deeper kind of bankruptcy than dollars and euros: the spiritual kind.  The kind where Universe holds the planet to account for how well (or badly) we discharged our responsibility to exercise good stewardship and to be ‘excellent to each another‘ regardless of our circumstances or time….

Or, maybe it’s just time to express our Freedom again.  I got used to waking each day to a new view when I was living aboard our sailboat…miss that sometimes.  Coffee watching otters and gulls play with Mt. Rainier, or Princess Louisa Inlet is just a bit more enjoyable than hefting 50-feed sacks in 95/80 weather.

Not sure why Diaspora is peeking out…but this may be one of those questions unanswered on this side of the lawn.  But is that Diaspora off there rustling in the headlines?  You may hear it, too, if you listen closely.